Controls & DexterLive

Our state-of-the-art O-Series controls offer precision and customization for any laundry environment. Both our O-Series and 6-cycle controls are built on the same Dexter platform and designed to show-up for work cycle after cycle. With O-Series controls you get the added power of easy programming with DexterLive.

  • Control Comparison

    Control Comparison

    Our on-premise products are available with two control options so you can have the best one for your needs. Choose between our simple 6-cycle control or our state-of-the-art O-Series controls.

    Control Comparison

  • O-Series Dryers

    DexterLive makes it easier than ever to program your controls and manage your laundry. This free web application allows you to create and adjust all of your cycle settings. Your settings can then be downloaded and copied to your machines via USB.