Freedom is a wonderful feeling.

That may be why you opened a laundry - the freedom that ownership and extra income offers. However, it doesn’t feel like freedom when a customer calls demanding a refund when you are eating dinner.

We can fix that.

With DexterLive, you can solve problems and manage your business, anytime, anywhere. DexterLive features the ability to remote start, provides state-of-the-art reporting, and makes it easy to create custom promotions to maximize your revenue. All of this can be accomplished using just your smart phone, opening new possibilities to live the life you want to, not the life you have to.

Open new possibilities...
Live the life you want to, not the life you have to.

DexterLive controls are designed to give you the freedom to run your business anytime, anywhere. DexterLive enables you to easily track revenue and customize your cycles and promotions to maximize your revenue potential. You can use the remote management capabilities to track error code alerts and send remote starts when needed. The best part about DexterLive is that it comes standard on all Dexter products, including free access to

  • Maximize Revenue Generation

    Easily create customized pricing and promotions for your Dexter equipment. With multiple PLUS cycles available, you can choose the perfect offerings to fit your business needs. By setting up special promotions you can schedule different pricing structures throughout the day or week to help balance your customer load and ensure maximum revenue generation.

  • Programming

    Program your machines faster and easier at, without any need for proprietary software or devices. If you’ve networked your store, these changes can be automatically updated to your machines or you can use the easily accessible USB ports to transfer data without a network.

  • Revenue and Cycle-Based Reporting

    When you network your DexterLive controls, you have the ability to track every quarter and every cycle. Our customizable reports provide real-time revenue totals to track business performance. Cycle-based reporting provides you with insights into how your customers are using your machines and enables you to create custom pricing that fits your business and customer needs.

  • Remote Access

    DexterLive keeps your business running even when you are not there. When networked, you can provide basic customer service options such as a free vend to keep your customers happy. You can also track error codes and machine faults to ensure your machines are always operating at their peak performance, and take machines out of service even when you’re not at the store.

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