On-Premise Laundry

We know that there’s more to your business than laundry. That’s why Dexter Laundry is committed to helping you achieve long term success by providing a full line of on-premise laundry solutions that you can depend on. All of our products are engineered, manufactured, and tested to ensure that they will show up for work, cycle after cycle, year after year, in even the harshest laundry environments.

Our line of on-premise products is a testament to that commitment. Featuring flexible controls and the same Dexter quality materials and structures our customers have come to trust, each on-premise product is designed to help you process laundry faster and more efficiently. When your business depends on clean laundry, choosing the right equipment is an important decision. Our products will provide you the efficiency, flexibility, performance, and durability you need to be confident in your choice. With lifetime technical support and industry leading warranties, you can be confident that we will stand behind every machine you invest in.