O-Series Patented Moisture Detection System

Dexter’s Moisture Detection System with patented wireless technology monitors your laundry and stops the cycle when the desired dryness level has been reached. By reducing over-drying this system extends linen life, saves on utilities, reduces labor and increases throughput.

Extends Linen Life

If your business depends on laundry, chances are you need those linens to be nice and comfortable. When linens are over-dried the fibers become brittle causing excess lint and “scratchy” linens. By using auto dry cycles with the Moisture Detection System your linens will remain nicer longer. This leads to happier customers and lower replacement expenses.

Saves on Utilities

By ending when the load is complete instead of continuing to over-dry, the length of your dry cycles will be reduced. Over time those minutes add up to significant energy savings.

Reduce Labor Expenses & Increase Throughput

Labor is one of the largest expenses for laundries. When you use auto dry cycles you can increase your laundry throughput and get your laundry processed in less time. Over time, saving a few minutes on each cycle can add up to extensive savings on labor or enable you to increase your processing capacity.


The Dexter Moisture Detection System is designed with patented wireless technology. A sensor strip mounted on the tumbler monitors the moisture level and then transmits the information wirelessly to the control. This reduces wear items and ensures no major components, such as the shaft, are compromised in quality.

For more details on the information shown here download the full guide.

Moisture Detection System Guide

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