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When it comes to repairing or replacing parts on your Dexter Laundry equipment, the place to go is your Dexter authorized distributor. Their factory-trained service technicians understand Dexter washers and dryers better than anyone else, and they use genuine Dexter parts, which meet our performance standards.

Call us today at 800.524.2954, and we'll help you find the Dexter authorized distributor near you, or use our online distributor locator to find the distributor for your area.

Below are commonly used vended washer and stack dryer parts. For more detailed information, click on the parts category below.

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Are you buying genuine Dexter parts?

Dexter Laundry is proud to offer a complete line of replacement parts and accessories for all of our laundry equipment and encourages you to use only genuine Dexter parts when making repairs. Each of our genuine Dexter components is engineered specifically for compatibility with Dexter Laundry equipment and tested repeatedly for reliable quality. While an imitation component might be slightly lower in price, only genuine Dexter parts have been tested for performance and durability and specifically designed and built to Dexter specifications. Non-genuine parts might work for a short period of time, but for long-term use, these imposters have a shorter lifespan and can often cause damages to other components.

Your Dexter authorized distributor can help you with purchasing your genuine Dexter parts and can offer you service assistance and repair advice for your laundry equipment. When making repairs to your washers and dryers, be sure to ask your Dexter authorized distributor for genuine Dexter parts and about available Dexter Laundry equipment service schools in your area.