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S-975 Express Plus

On-Premise — 60 lb (27.2kg) S‑975 Express Plus

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Dexter O-Series washers give you total control over your laundry. With 100 cycles made up of 20 stages, you’ll have the ultimate flexibility to create custom cycles with the precision you need. Pre-set industry-specific cycles and free access to DexterLive make programming O-Series controls easier than ever before. The S-975 Express Plus washer extracts at 400 g-force to remove more water, reduce dry time and help save energy.

The rugged internal suspension system of the Dexter softmount washer allows these machines to be installed in locations that can’t support a traditional hardmount machine. Plus, the flexible design reduces installation time without sacrificing the quality you expect from Dexter Laundry.

When your business depends on laundry you need laundry equipment that you can count on. With lifetime technical support and an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, you can be confident that we will stand behind every washer you invest in.