Load per Hour Factors

Wondering Which Dexter Machine is Right for You?

Use this chart as a guide to estimate loads per hour. For more information on which Dexter machine is right for your needs, check with your local Dexter authorized distributor.

Washer load per hour factors

General rule: 1.2 loads per hour heavy soil, 1.5 loads per hour medium soil or 2.0 loads per hour light soil.

T-300 & T-350 ExpressStandardMetric
Heavy Soil22 lbs/hr9.9 kg/hr
Medium Soil27 lbs/hr12.2 kg/hr
Light Soil36 lbs/hr16.2 kg/hr
T-400 & T-450 ExpressStandardMetric
Heavy Soil30 lbs/hr13.5 kg/hr
Medium Soil38 lbs/hr17.1 kg/hr
Light Soil50 lbs/hr22.5 kg/hr
T-600 & T-750 ExpressStandardMetric
Heavy Soil48 lbs/hr21.6 kg/hr
Medium Soil60 lbs/hr27.0 kg/hr
Light Soil80 lbs/hr36.0 kg/hr
T-900 washer & T-950 ExpressStandardMetric
Heavy Soil66 lbs/hr29.7 kg/hr
Medium Soil83 lbs/hr37.4 kg/hr
Light Soil110 lbs/hr49.5 kg/hr
T-1200 washerStandardMetric
Heavy Soil93 lbs/hr42.5 kg/hr
Medium Soil116 lbs/hr52.7 kg/hr
Light Soil154 lbs/hr69.9 kg/hr
T-1450 washerStandardMetric
Heavy Soil110 lbs/hr49.9 kg/hr
Medium Soil135 lbs/hr61.2 kg/hr
Light Soil175 lbs/hr9.4 kg/hr

Dryer load per hour factor

General rule: 1.5 loads per hour of small to medium size blended linen.

30 lb dryer (13.5 kg)45 lbs/hr20.2 kg/hr
55 lb dryer (24.9kg)83 lbs/hr37.4 kg/hr
80 lb dryer (36.0kg)120 lbs/hr 54.1 kg/hr
Dryer sizing should be based on linen type and size being processed.